QSP/QSD Suisun City

“David is clearly an expert in Stormwater Management. I will gladly take his other courses & encourage my teammates to as well.” KT

QSP/QSD Sacramento

“Long days are made more enjoyable when the info is presented by someone who’s knowledge is thorough and shared in unique and interesting ways”. KW

QSP/QSD Sacramento

“Incredibly glad I took this class. Thank you”. DG Principal Engineer

QSP/QSD Petaluma

“David is very knowledgeable and has the experience that lets you know you’re being taught by an expert. I really appreciated the case studies and supporting photographs that helped to illuminate issues in stormwater management”. RA Environmental Scientist

QSP/QSD Gilroy

“Class is a must need for anyone writing SWPPPs”. DB, PE

QSP/QSD Gilroy

“As a PE, I could have just self-certified and not taken the class. I’m so glad i did take the class. David is an awesome teacher! He provided the necessary training; always keeping us engaged, but most importantly, gave the practical, real-world tolls/examples that are so invaluable.” SVJ

BMP Course Gilroy

“Hilarious and fun speaker with a wealth of insight.” Shaun W.

QSP/QSD San Diego

“Great experience, learned a ton.”

QSP/QSD San Diego

“Great course. I feel well prepared for the exam thanks to Jerome.” Emmanuel P

QSP/QSD Riverside

“Great class. Much better than I thought it would be. Very interesting and informative.” Mark R.